Wednesday Night Trucks

                                     Good evening Ladies and Gentlmen Dorl come to you from Kansas Motor Speedway.This event was a very enjoyable race.We had 17 lead changes between 9 drivers.Had alot of green flag stops in this event.Was alot of hard racing so just wanna say great job guys.Here are those drivers.John Gallagher with 58 laps(Most Laps Led).Chris Jimison with 6 laps.Jason Bryar with 5 laps.Mike Glover and Brett Arico both with 4 laps.Mark Mattingly with 3 laps.Ruben Phelps and Hunter Fundrburke both with 2 laps.Ben Rinaldi with a lap.Come Join Us Next Week.Congrats John Gallagher awesome job.ALL DRIVERS ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!grab_019

Sunday Night Trucks

                          Tonight Ladies and Gentlemen Dorl comes to you from the Home of the Kentucky Derby(Kentucky Motor Speedway).In this event we had 12 lead changes between 6 drivers.Had only one caution in this 85 lap rece.Here are those drivers.Trevor Brownllee with 72 laps(Most Laps Led).Mark Mattingly with 3 laps.Ruben Phelps with 3 laps.And Dave Merill with 3 laps.Matt Bergeron with 2 laps.John Gallagher with a lap.Congrats Trevor on ur victory.Come join us next week…ALL DRIVERS WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!trev-1023

Summer Truck Series

                   Hello Ladies and Gentlemen Dorl comes to u from Michigan Motor Speedway.Had a samll field due to weather permiting.In this event we had 5 lead changes between 4 drivers.Had only one caution for 2 laps in this race.Here are those drivers.Ruben Phelps with 34 laps(Most Laps Led).John Vine with 8 laps and tonights event winner.Mark Mattingly with 7 laps.Geoff Norway with a lap.Hopefully next week we can have a larger field.Congrats John Vine On ur win.Come join us next week.ALL DRIVERS WELCOME………grab_019

Larry Appleman Memorial Race

Hey guys Dorl would like to invite all to the Larry Appleman Memorial race.Tryin to give enough time for people who knew D1 to make arrangements to join us.
We will be running 150 laps at Michigan Motor Speedway Sat November 19 th at 10 pm est.So come join us in memory of a great racer and a really great all around guy.Hope to see alot of u guys there.Thankslarry-appleman-memorial

Thursday Night GNS

                                                 Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen Dorl comes to you from Talladega Motor Speedway.Tonight we had low driver count due to passing showers.But still was a decent race.In this event we had 8 lead changes between 4 drivers.Here are those drivers.Park Stalker with 40 laps(Most Laps Led).Mike Glover with 15 laps.Brett Arico with 4 laps and tonights event winner.Chad Dugan with a lap.Congrats Brett Arico on ur victory.Come Join Us Next week.ALL DRIVERS ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!bret-102016

Wednesday Night Trucks

                                                    Here we are once again at Charlotte Motor Speedway for some ground pounding action.Had alot of side by side racing.Also alot of drafting and pushing with very little cautions.In this event we had 19 lead changes between 9 drivers.So Ladies and Gentlemen here are those drivers.Trevor Brownlee with 44 laps(Most Laps Led).John Gallagher with 31 laps.JD Mcgee with 7 laps.Ruben Phelps with 6 laps.Mark Mattingly with 4 laps.Jason Bryar with 3 laps.Chris Jimison with 2 laps.Brett Arico with 2 laps also.Chad Dugan with a lap.Congrats to Trevor Brownlee on ur victory.Come Join Us Next Week.All Drivers Are Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!trev-101916

Super Speedway Series

                           Hello Ladies and Gentlmen Dorl comes to you from Talladega Motor Speedway.We had 7 lead changes between 4 drivers.This Race was one of the better race.Only 1 caution for 75 lap run.So just wanna say good job guys keep up the great driving.And so now here are those drivers.Bristol Barrett with 36 laps(Most Laps Led).Park Stalker with 23 laps.John Gallagher with 14 laps.Mark Mattingly with 2 laps.Like i was  sayin was a very enjoyable race.Congrats Bristol Barrett on ur win in tonights event.Come Join Us Next Week.ALL DRIVERS ARE WELCOME…….grab_018

Wednesday Night Trucks

                                                  In this event at Dorl we come to you from Kentucky Motor Speedway.This event was not as good as it could have been but not to bad.We had 22 lead changes between 9 drivers.Here are those drivers.Most Laps Led by John Gallagher with 29 laps.Park Stalker with 14 laps and is our event winner.Ruben Phelps with 8 laps.Mark Mattingly and Jd McGee both with 6 laps.Todd Stover with 4 laps.David Hart and John Lawlor with a lap.Been some pretty good racin Going on here at Dorl.Just qonna say keep up the great job.Congrats Park Stalker on ur victory in tonights event.Come Join Us Next Week 10 pm est.All Drivers welcome…..grab_012

Tuesday Night Super Speedway Series

                                           Tonight Ladies and Gentlemen we come to you from Charlotte Motor Speedway.In this event we had 14 lead change out of 9 drivers..Had another good race.Congrats Fellas.Here are those drivers.John Gallagher with 20 laps(Most Laps Led).Chad Dugan with 13 laps and ronights event winner.Mark Mattingly with 11 laps.Park Stalker and Hunter Funderburke both with 10 laps.Tony Reiner with 6 laps.Todd Stover and Ruben Phelps both with 2 laps.Billy Black with a lap.Come Join Us for some ground Poundin action next week.ALL DRIVERS WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!grab_012

Sunday Truck Series

                                      Dont know about you guys but i  have notice the racin has really improved and the cautions prove it.Keep up the great job fellas.Tonight Ladies and Gentlemen we come to you from Chicago Motor Speedway.Had some hard racin going on in this event.Even seen some four wide racing.In this event we had 21 lead change between 10 drivers.Here are those drivers,Mark Mattingly with 22 laps(Most Laps Led).John Gallagher with 19 laps and tonights event winner.Todd Stover with 19 laps also.Hunter Fundweburke with 13 laps.Ruben Phelps with 12 laps.Wally Pullen with 5 laps.Aaron Hicks and Tony Reiner both with 3 laps.John Lawlor and Wendell Neal both with 2 laps.Congrats John Gallagher on ur victory in this event.Come join us next week.ALL DRIVERS ARE WELCOME………grab_010